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Patek Philippe

About Patek Philippe www.patekphilippe.com

An uncompromising commitment to superlative watchsmithing is the hallmark of this family owned company. Since 1839, creating an obdurate target by which other institutions are measured is an everyday occurrence at Patek Philippe Watches. This is simply the way it has always been for this horological citadel.

Consider that 100% - not 90 or 99.9% – 100% of Patek Philippe mechanical movements are awarded the “Official Hallmark of the Geneva Seal” granted since 1886 to local Swiss timepieces which comply with 12 exacting criteria established for quality excellence.

The qualifying timepieces must be engineered and manufactured by old-world-type artisans who are able to perfectly master micromechanical engineering, assembly and time regulation disciplines. Additional standards like the ones for hand finishing are so high–few others are ever considered for this award.

Further reflect on the fact this renowned watchmaker has been awarded over 70 patents for their constant, cutting-edge breakthroughs in innovating timepieces and movements that are truly from another plane of thought. The watch grandmasters at Patek Philippe have not just been visionaries–they have written the book on watch design and manufacturing in ways that are remarkable–literally.

Review the process Patek Philippe Watches uses to fabricate a single timepiece:

  • Over 1,200 separate and distinct operations to complete
  • A three- to five-year time commitment to manufacture each mechanical movement
  • Six-hundred hours of quality control checks during manufacturing“followed by thirty days of intense scrutiny and meticulous assessment of every operating function
  • Each watch individually hand-assembled, polished and synchronized

Patek Philippe watch models are made in minuscule quantities–a few as five to no more than a few hundred for popular and well-known models. Intended rarity is an assurance of value and an individuality commitment from Patek Philippe. Every timepiece wearing the Patek Philippe moniker since 1839 is recorded in the company archives.

Aside from the practical applications of repair and cleaning, these archives demonstrate the continued interest for every watch manufactured. It also serves as a reminder of how special each timepiece and individual owner is. It is a celebration that man is capable of creating artistry through crafting the finest watches in the world. A Patek Philippe watch is not merely an instrument for the telling the time. It is a hushed declaration about each person's values. Each Patek Philippe watch is made to become a story–a compelling tale about each person's emotions.

Who gave you the timepiece? 
In celebration of what milestone in your life? 
What words were spoken or written? 
Did you pass along your watch to a loved one?

This emotion is not just at the heart of each and every watch–it is at the very heart of the company.

Owning a Patek Philippe watch reveals something very special and unique about you.

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