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Cecil Purnell*

One of the youngest luxury watch brands, Cecil Purnell does not skimp on class or quality. Cecil Purnell watches are exclusively Tourbillon timepieces, respecting the legacy of watch-making. A favorite among collectors, Cecil Purnell watches are "micro-manufactured" in Geneva, Switzerland, ensuring the quality of each component within each piece.

Cecil Purnell is firmly convinced that the Tourbillon movement is and will remain the benchmark of watch-making expertise. To become a specialist of the Tourbillon, CPHH committed its resources to exclusively the Tourbillon, thereby ensure the highest levels of craftsmanship of this unique timepiece. This is our pledge to the knowledgable collector for whom only the highest quality is acceptable. Our commitment also engenders security in the knowledge that each Cecil Purnell timepiece contains a core mechanism we guarantee. Thus, Cecil Purnell’s philosophy rests on three pillars: expertise, independence and commitment to the true values of Haute Horlogerie.

The Cecil Purnell atelier, a micro-manufacture, is able to control all key stages of its timepieces’ development: from conception and design, to fabrication of movements, and finally to assembly and calibration – all interdependent and key elements when it comes to making a Tourbillon. Managed under one roof in Geneva, Switzerland, CP guarantees that each step in the creation of each timepiece ensures the finest results.

“Independence is the food of the creative”

The CP atelier, an independent micro-manufacture, guarantees-us complete freedom of expression. Unencumbered by external pressures, Cecil Purnell adheres to the highest standards, ensuring that our clients receive a one-of-a-kind meticulously crafted masterpiece.

Attachment to the true values of Haute Horlogerie

CP’s commitment to these time tested, purist values mandates that each Cecil Purnell timepiece exemplifies CP’s values: it ensures our customers receive the best. The finely crafted Tourbillon cannot be made through heavy industrial processes because quantity is the biggest enemy of quality. Preaching otherwise is dangerous and can only lead to major disappointments for discerning watch customers and collectors.

This dedication to quality applies to Cecil Purnell on several fronts. Each timepiece is unique, requiring its own individual, meticulous regulation followed by extensive testing. Thus, each Cecil Purnell watch owner is guaranteed that CP movements are only ready after rigorous tests and will provide generations of accurate time-keeping and pleasure.

Cecil Purnell’s emphasis on quality and the time it takes to attain perfection apply equally to the realm of finishing. What better way to enthrone our Tourbillon than to emphasize and celebrate its beautiful intricate components? To complement our movements, decorative work on each CP timepiece is delicately crafted by hand using time-tested methods refined over centuries by masters of Haute Horlogerie.

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