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Watch Pricing Series Part 2: How Did Watch Prices Get So Seemingly High?

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How did watch prices get so high? The number one response from watch enthusiasts seems to be “greed” - though "maximizing profits" would be the politer way to say it. Looking at the recent history of watch industry growth, I don’t see evidence for greed.

The article Watch Pricing Series Part 2: How Did Watch Prices Get So Seemingly High? first appeared on aBlogtoWatch and was written by Aaron.

MMT E-Strap Smart Module Watch Straps

If you're not familiar with Swiss MMT, they’re the folks behind the smartwatch technology in the connected watches from Alpina and Frederique Constant. But being tucked into a watch case is simply not all they want to do - instead, they want to be on your watch strap. The article MMT E-Strap Smart Module Watch [...]

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Jean-Claude Biver Tells Us What He Has Learned About Smartwatches As We Await New TAG Heuer Connected Modular Watch In March

In anticipation of the upcoming launch of the TAG Heuer Connected Modular watch, I spoke with TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver about what he has learned about smartwatches in general as well as what to expect for the upcoming watch. The article Jean-Claude Biver Tells Us What He Has Learned About Smartwatches As We Await [...]

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Apple Watch Made Up 80% Of The Smartwatch Market & Is A Good Lesson For Creating Relevancy With Consumers

As continued falling exports and steeply declining net income hinder the days of the Swiss watch industry, analysts at Canalys say the Apple Watch sales accounted for about 80% of the smartwatch market in sales value in the first three-month period in the fiscal year of 2017. Let's analyze what this means and what both [...]

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Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch Review: Design + Functionality

Back in August 2016, I was fortunate enough to be asked by Samsung to host the launch event for the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch, and I was proud to do it because this is among the best smartwatches I've ever worn, if not the absolute best to this point. The article Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch Review: [...]

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Teardown: iFixit Looks Inside Apple Watch Series 2

The smartwatch has been a thing for quite a few years now, long enough for many to take for granted the remarkable engineering that has gone into the creation of these sci-fi-inspired devices. The A-Team of disassembling and repairing smart-everything, the guys at iFixit have taken apart the Apple Watch Series 2, and it sure [...]

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Ask The Audience: What Will Be The Future Of Smartwatches For Watch Lovers?

What will the future of smartwatches be for watch lovers? Will this smartwatch thing will be a passing fad? Will smartwatches overtake traditional luxury watches and obliterate them in the process? Will smartwatches and traditional watches exist side by side? How will people who like both products be able to enjoy them? The article Ask The [...]

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Polar M600 Android Wear Smartwatch

Functionality between smart watches and fitness trackers increasingly overlaps these days. If you have a watch with the various sensors to pick up your step counts and Bluetooth to send the data to a phone, it is not that far of a leap to blow things out to a full smart watch suite. With the advent of [...]

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Sinn Dual Strap System Allows Apple Watch & Sinn Watch On The Same Wrist

German Sinn is nothing if not practically minded. Best-known for their hearty, down-to-earth tool watches, fans of the brand may not have seen this coming. If it's not immediately clear from the pictures and title, the Sinn Dual Strap System is a pair of strap halves for your Sinn watch and a pair of strap [...]

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Casio WSD-F10 Android Wear Smartwatch Review

Just a few years ago, I never thought I'd be wearing a Casio smartwatch on my wrist, so I have to say that it brings me pleasure to review the 2016 Casio WSD-F10 that runs Android Wear. The article Casio WSD-F10 Android Wear Smartwatch Review first appeared on aBlogtoWatch and was written by Ariel Adams. [...]

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